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From the front line of London radio since the age of 16 to the brainchild of Base FM UK, DJ Lucky B originates from the poetic streets of Dagenham (East London). Now based in Manchester, DJ Lucky B aims to inspire the youth of today in his local area and throughout the UK to make an impact on the community and the lives of many through his love of music.

Having worked along with some iconic names in the industry (such as MC KIE, MC Shantie, MC Smilie Dan & Rekonise MC ) on London radio (such as Live FM, Touch FM, Xtreme FM, Shake FM, Playback FM, Kream FM, Dice FM & Klash FM) and multiple club residencies (XOYO – London, Buddha Lounge – Romford, Village wine bar – Canning Town) DJ Lucky B continues to state his presence in the industry.

‘Feel Good Music is the name of the game and the sound will infectiously spread through his wide collection of genres which comprises of garage, funky house, tech-house and house. Catch him only on Base FM UK.

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Base FM UK is a Manchester-based community radio station. With its team dispersed throughout the UK from London to Manchester to Glasgow, Base FM

Established by DJ’s with a passion for underground house music striving to impact and develop its local community,

A sustainable business with the ability to operate throughout the pandemic and transmit an innovative uncompromising sound out its Manchester base in the UK and globally thanks to its internet streaming ability.


Our radio is always online! 24/7  Listen now, completely free!

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