Presented by Ste Turner and friends in association with back in the room records

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Thursday 7:00 pm trending_flat 11:59 pm

With an eclectic style delivering a nostalgic trance & tech house sound. DJ Ste Turner incorporates a special upbeat new house vibe against a backdrop of old skool and revamped sounds to your Thursday’s.

From playing to producing, to managing (DanceTrax records – London/ React2Rhythm studio – London/ F.D.U.K recordings – Record Label), Ste Turner brings a wealth of veteran experience to the table elevating dance floors and spirits.

“Music is in my blood, I just like to be a little different sometimes. Anything that sounds good I play”. Join DJ Ste Turner every Thursday night, only on Base FM UK.

IG: @djste_turner
Twitch: djste_turner

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Base FM UK is a Manchester-based community radio station. With its team dispersed throughout the UK from London to Manchester to Glasgow, Base FM

Established by DJ’s with a passion for underground house music striving to impact and develop its local community,

A sustainable business with the ability to operate throughout the pandemic and transmit an innovative uncompromising sound out its Manchester base in the UK and globally thanks to its internet streaming ability.


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